Secondary Market For Corporate Debt Securities
Press Release No. PR 286/2003 Dated 25.11.2003 : It has been decided that in respect of the unlisted securities which have already been issued and may be traded in the secondary market, a transition time is being given up to March 31, 2004 to enable the participants and issuers to conform to the guidelines related to Secondary Market For Corporate Debt Securities issued by SEBI. Consequently, during this transition period, the existing corporate debt securities could continue to be traded in the secondary market.

Demerged Reliance companies may be listed
28th December 2005: Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group on Monday clarified that the four companies arising from the reorganisation of the Reliance group would apply to the Sebi through stock exchanges (SEs) for listing without making an IPO. “Reliance — Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group will endeavour to list shares of the four resulting companies at the earliest, in the first quarter of the year ‘06,” said a press release on Monday.

The four companies resulting out of the reorganisation are Reliance Communication Ventures (holding company for Reliance Infocomm), Reliance Energy Ventures (holding company for Reliance Energy), Reliance Capital Ventures (holding company for Reliance Capital) and Global Fuel Management Services.

The clarification also listed steps to list the four companies on SEs. After getting approvals from Sebi and SEs, registrars and transfer agents will compile the data to determine names of shareholders of Reliance Industries (RIL) as on the record date —January 25, ‘06. Shares of the four companies will be allotted to shareholders.

While the RIL shareholders, who hold shares in demat mode, will be given an electronic credit of shares, those holding shares in physical mode will be dispatched share certificates by registered post. This involves printing and dispatch of over 55 lakh share certificates by R&T agents for all RIL shareholders, holding shares in physical mode.

After getting the final approval from SEs, the trading of the four firms will commence. “Decisions regarding the inclusion of shares of the resulting companies in the derivatives segment, and the timing may be taken by SEs at the appropriate time,” the release added.

“Only those investors, whose names appear in the register of members as shareholders of RIL as on January 25, ‘06 will alone be entitled to free shares of Reliance Communication Ventures, Reliance Energy Ventures, Reliance Capital Ventures and Global Fuel Management Services on their RIL shareholdings.”

“Investors, who buy shares of RIL on SEs on January 18, ‘06 and thereafter will not be entitled to free shares of the above four companies on such purchases made by them,” the release said, adding, ``Investors, who sell RIL shares on SEs up to and including January 17, ‘06 will not be entitled to free shares of the above four companies on such shareholdings sold by them.”

The period between January 18 and January 25 is the no-delivery period. Whenever a company announces a book closure or record date, the exchange sets up a no-delivery (ND) period for that security. During this period, trading is permitted in the security. However, these trades are settled only after the no-delivery period is over. This is done to ensure that an investor’s entitlement for the corporate benefit is clearly determined.

Notice no : 130706/2002 Notice date : Wednesday, July 31, 2002 Subject : NORMS FOR IMPOSING LATE FEE

Contents :

Re: Norms for imposition of late fees, fines and penalties.

The Exchange has reviewed and rationalised the existing norms for imposing late fees, fines and 
penalties.  The revised norms have been approved by the DAC in its meeting held on June 28, 2002.

A Statement indicating the nature of irregularity/violation and the consequential late fees, 
fines and penalties that would be levied, by different departments is enclosed for the 
information of the members. The members may please note that these norms will come into force 
from Thursday, August 1, 2002.

The members are again advised to ensure compliance with the various Rules, Bye-laws & Regulations
of the Exchange.

In case the members require any clarification, they may please contact any of the following 

Sr. No.     Department                                            Name                                      Intercom No.

1.             Inspection Department                             Shri  Amit Garg                        8589
                                                                            Shri Ranjan Prabhu   8214

2.             Surveillance Department                          Ms. Puja Maini                        8735
                                                                            Ms. Deepika  Gupta  8810

3.             Clearing & Sett. Dept.

               Pay-in / Valan Obligations.       Shri Surendra Rashinkar           8306
               Margins & Capital Adequacy     Shri Shailesh Valecha              8458
               Bad Delivery Cell                     Shri Kiran Rane                       8264


4.             Membership Department                          Shri Jaideep Vaidya  8145

5.             Investors Service Cell                             Shri Pankaj Gupta    8120
                                                                            Shri Wilbur Fernandes              8052



Rajnikant Patel
Director (Inspection & Surveillance) 

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