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  1. Select the application form you would like to download.
  2. Save it on to your hard disk/floppy disk, unzip the downloaded file.
  3. View the .pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Fund File details
Diversified Growth Funds
Kothari Pioneer Bluechip Fund bluechip.pdf (size: 351kb)
Kothari Pioneer Prima Fund prima.pdf (size: 361kb)
Kothari Pioneer Prima Plus pplus.pdf (size: 366kb)
Sector Specific Growth Funds
Kothari Pioneer Infotech Fund info.pdf (size: 389kb)
Kothari Pioneer FMCG Fund fmcgphar.pdf (size: 338kb)
Kothari Pioneer PHARMA Fund fmcgphar.pdf (size: 338kb)
Kothari Pioneer Internet Opportunities Fund iof.pdf (size: 341kb)
Balanced Funds
Kothari Pioneer Balance Fund balance.pdf (size: 325kb)
Kothari Pioneer Pension Plan pension.pdf (size: 371kb)
Income Funds
Kothari Pioneer Income Builder Account iba.pdf (size: 311kb)
Kothari Pioneer Children's Asset Plan cap.pdf (size: 310kb)
Short Term Income Funds
Kothari Pioneer Money Market Account mma.pdf (size: 370kb)
Kothari Pioneer Treasury Management Account tma.pdf (size: 360kb)
Equity Linked Savings Scheme
Kothari Pioneer Taxshield taxshield.pdf (size: 305kb)

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