Maharashtra Seamless raises $75mn via FCCBs, will be listed on Singapore stock exchange
6th August 2005: Maharashtra Seamless has raised $75 million via foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs), which will be listed on the Singapore stock exchange. The FCCBs will be converted into equity shares at Rs 506.68 per share after maturity on July 30, 2010, the company said in a release issued to the BSE.

Dishman Pharmaceuticals lists $50 mn FCCBs on Singapore Stock Exchange
24th August 2005: Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd Tuesday said its 50 million dollar FCCBs have been listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The company received a listing agreement from the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SGX-ST) for its 50 million dollar, O.5% Unsecured FCCBs due 2010, Dishman informed the Bombay Stock Exchange. The bonds have been listed and quoted on the Singapore Stock Exchange with effect from August 22, 2005, it said.

SEBI delists SUN F&C MF
23rd August 2005: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has cancelled the registration of SUN F&C Mutual Fund and has also withdrawn the approval granted to SUN F&C Asset Management (I) Pvt Ltd to act as the asset management company following their request.

SEBI Whole Time Member Madhukar, in his order, said the SUN F&C Mutual Fund, the Board of Trustees of SUN F&C Mutual Fund and the SUN F&C Asset Management cannot carry out any activity as a mutual fund, trustees or asset management company with immediate effect.

Earlier, the company had handed over the various schemes floated by it and the full responsibilities for management and administration of schemes to the Principal Mutual Fund, SEBI said in a release.

Further, the schemes which are not being handed over to Principal Mutual Fund have been closed as per the procedure.

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